They are violating your rights stop the Madness !

This video shows the true temperament of  The American Pitbull Terrier though badly abused every dog is wagging their tail


I hate bullies and always felt a  responsibility to protect their victims.
 Individuals who would harm defenseless animals pose a threat to all of us, There's also evidence that animal abusers turn out to be bad people. Numerous studies have linked animal cruelty with other forms of violence, including child abuse, spousal abuse and elder abuse and we have all heard the stories of notorious serial killers starting out as animal abusers.


          click link--- Aggression is not genetic its a learned behavior

What the Experts have to say

                                                            Disgusted with Denver
This whole thing is repulsive and all of the people who are responsible will have to answer for what they are doing at some point in their lives.....or by the ultimate judgment after. The idea of going over a dog for three days  not to evaluate temperament but  to  decide if the dog fits a" certain type" is shameful . And then if  they determine your dog fit's into what they deem a" Pit bull Type " they euthanize your dog no hearing no consideration of the dogs clean record....NO DUE PROCESS ! It's so obvious that the problem is not with the A.P.B.T and that the problem is people.I just don't understand why these people who are supposed to be great thinkers and servants of the people continue not to think,and continue to violate our rights.

The A.P.B.T is the most abused breed in our country today between being exploited for dog fighting , being abused confined and never socialized bought and paraded like a piece of jewelry only to be dumped in a shelter & if they and even get a chance to be adopted they have to contend with fifty other Pit bulls because they are so over bred that shelter,s are flooded with them  This country should be ashamed of it's self for allowing themselves to place the blame on a dog. If a dog is bad then somewhere there is a irresponsible owner who never took the time to lead this animal in the right direction.

There's over 2.5  million Pit bulls in this country and at least 25 % are abused  fought & made viscous so the fact that there is only 10 deaths a year by pit bulls is a testament to how great breed truly is.  A travesty of this nature shouldn't  happen in this Country in this day and age its ridiculous to victimize a whole breed .  People need to stop listening to  these fear driven hate groups who are condemning these dogs with unsubstantiated accusations  and not one accredited  animal behaviorist, or director of any animal group.

What's next in Denver all the Irish must go to mandatory rehab for alcohol or all Italians get a life sentence for the Rico act. I'm also ashamed of all of all the responsible owners in Denver who have let these fascist's violate their right to fair process. Countless thousand's of Americans gave their lives paving the way so we could have a constitution and have rights and to just let them walk all over them is shameful. But I guess we are just different over here in Boston ,maybe because this is where we fought to make America a free country I'm really not sure but I promise you..... this would not fly out here.

 To suggest that a breed is born violent is as ignorant as people who used to say African Americans were not smart enough to be Quarterbacks in the NFL, or had weak ankles so they could not play hockey in the NHL.

Bottom line is people buy these dogs and put them in a pit to fight people abuse them people train them to attack people are the ones who do not take the position of a responsible owner and train & socialize these dogs and now people want to kill off their entire breed Tell me who's really the monster.

I challenge anyone to justify this, there is a estimated 1.5 million registered Pit bull terriers in our country so that means there is around 2 or 3 million Pit bulls here so even if there was 15 death's a year by Pit bulls how do you justify killing the other 2.5 million....99.99 % should die for the actions of a few dogs who I'm sure in most cases were abused or owned by abusive people or criminals who worked at making these dogs dangerous.

I fully agree something needs to be done but this is not the answer & I really can't believe that nobody can come up with a better solution. Large fines for unregistered dogs and when you register them you have to bring them down every year and have them evaluated if you put these types of restrictions on the breed these unsavory types of people would not bother owning them only the true lovers of the
breed would want them.

You could also clamp down on bad breeding ...also a huge problem they are inbreeding ,crossbreeding,and god knows what else to make these genetic monsters that's how Pit bulls went from 30 to 55 lbs for over a hundred years and now they average 70 to 120 lbs and somehow they turned blue.

Stand up for your selves Denver ...out East we Bostonian's have a saying  "Give Me liberty or give me death"and and death is the only way you would take my dog & my rights from me. I have owned six Pit bulls over the last 27 years and everyone of them have been like family members and none of them have ever bitten me or eaten any children my newest one Bryson  his best friend is a cat who lives next door.

Punish the ones responsible for the bad things not the innocent .
Who are you to pass judgment on a animal for a crime that has not been committed yet because that's what BsL is doing . Every dog should be judged on their own actions not on how some other dog acts

BSL is wrong it,s just an easy way to make your selves feel like you've done something about the real problem. If we don't put up a fight and stand up for our freedom where wil it stop .. when they decide you cant own a dog over 10 lbs or when they decide no dogs at all ...everything we stand for in this country will be lost.

                                                  Shelters across the
                            country are 40
                           to 60% Pitbulls


My new friend Nikki
She is has just become a therapy dog
and is as proud as can be.