Want to be insulted just comment on these blogs.

All you have to do is visit these sites but actually I give some of these pages credit because at least they let you comment ( after they approve it )on their posts most sites just post their opinions and leave you no place to disagree with their beliefs.

Craven Desires, Dangerous by default, Americas dog,The truth about pitbulls,, gripping dogs, pit-nutters, etc etc etc all of these pages influenced by the biggest hate page of all dogsbite.org a page thats run by a woman who is a web page designer but feels that she is an authority on canine behavior.
And when her page has been discredited by legitimate Animal experts she claims they taking money from dog fighters ...so the A.S.P.C.A ,  Mspca , Akc , ukc and other national organizations are on the take so that dog fighters can prevail . What a load of crap !

Visit one of these pages and stand up for what you believe , and see what good citizens have to say to you because you don't agree with their unsubstantial opinions. Here's a perfect example Fight for your rights wrote Mar 26, 2012 12:33 PM

@ zoologic and the rest who keep saying aggression is genetic I got this link the same place where Zoo got his it was right next to it I wonder why it wasn't posted though.

Imagine it says that owners are responsible for their dogs aggression not what breed they are. I,m sure there will still be many reasons why the study is false along with a few insults.

Lets try this answer honestly if you can.

1) What is the most abused dog in the country with dog fighting
and people who exploit and neglect them.

2)If you said pitbulls you would be right so that would mean there are more problem pitbulls than other dogs.

3) If there are more problem dogs of a certain breed then wont you see more attacks by that breed ?

4)Now that that's established you should see what the problem is and guess what its not the breed its the bad owners who are responsible not 100 % of the time but i bet 95 % of the time it is the case.

skeptifem wrote Mar 27, 2012 11:07 PM

3- No. If toy poodles were the most abused dogs in the country, it would not follow that they would cause the most harm to people. They do not have the breeding to cause significant harm to the vast majority of people. They could hurt disabled people or young children, and even then they would have difficulty killing them. This is why it isn't extremely relevant if the owners are causing the problem (meaning someone gets killed roughly every 21 days, in addition to countless amputations, scalpings, and serious injuries).

I have a question for you- doesn't the methodology of the science daily article bother you? They talk about dog aggression being dependent on if the owner "establishes dominance" but they don't even discuss what that means. If the study observers (if they used observers instead of self reporting, they don't really say) had a bias they could easily say that any continued aggression in a gripping dog was due to owners failing to establish dominance. They don't even define "aggression", if it is defined as posturing and threatening behavior these may not be present before an attack in a game bred dog. The study also don't look into why some dogs aren't aggressive to start with, they more tackle the issue of how aggression can be effectively dealt with once it has surfaced. This piece of shit study can't stand up to the conclusions of the russian study on foxes and aggression. Not in the amount of data that they collected or the quality of the study. Few conclusions can be drawn from a single study without someone else duplicating the results repeatedly in the future.

I get sick and tired of people thinking that science is a matter of finding some crappy study to support whatever you want it to- questions about methodology are extremely important, and so is looking at the actual data. I have read more than one article about a study that conflicted with the data in the study itself.

Also, if you are the douchecanoe who used a graphic of a pit bull in a native american head dress to bolster your pit bull activism- fuck you, seriously. Native american genocide is still going on, it isn't cool to use images of native american culture or the tragedy of their genocide to pony up guilt for dogs.

This response most likely wont be posted

We also have a new insult...... A douchecanoe !

Reply 4 /02/ 2012 10:30 pm fight4yourights wrote

Awesome another unprovoked attack as I predicted ! I guess that's what you get if you have an opinion on a situation that is different than yours. And that picture with the Indian head dress is over 40 years old I didn't make it and I don't see the harm in using that picture at all because it was a wrong done to a entire race by our ignorant government. It may not be as significant as what was done to the American Indians or what Hitler did to the Jewish people but it is racial profiling and The American Pitbull Terrier is facing Genocide in the face of BSL.

As far as a toy poodle being used as your comparison of a dog being abused turning human aggressive & causing the same damage yes your right there's no comparison but we are not talking about five to eight pound dogs were talking about dogs who are 55 lbs to over 100 lbs and on that scale you would have German shepherds, Doberman's, Akitas , American bull dogs ,Labradors ,Rottweilers & mastiffs to name a few all who if placed in the same abusive & negligent situations would be just as destructive to human flesh as any Pitbull Terrier.

Also I find it funny that there was no mention of feces when Zoologic posted study's from science daily only when one was posted by someone who doesn't agree with your posted thoughts on a matter and that's all these are " your posted thoughts" just because you believe it does not make it true, but back to the subject why is it when I use the same source of info as your posters mine is suddenly no good ! Why is that ?

There's over three million Pitbulls in our country so even if 30,000 Pitbulls attacked it would leave 99% who never do anything wrong... the problem is people...irresponsible owners not a entire breed of dog. There are many good Pitbull stories that the news doesn't go national with because it doesn't bring ratings . These story's are on a dog web site not a pro Pitbull site just a dog site, scroll back to just the beginning of the year and there is 10 or fifteen positive Pitbull story's that never make national headlines & this is only one site from this year alone. All im saying is that there are more good Pitbulls out there than there are bad ones stop being influenced by the media and fear .

copy & paste link http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/?s=pit+bull