Forget what you heard .......these are the facts......

Everyone should have the right to own the dog of their choice but because of irresponsible owners Media hype and poor breeding people have a negative perception about Pitbulls even though every legitimate animal organization states otherwise .

You can believe what you like but these are the facts.

1) Pitbulls by nature are not people aggressive, its either taught or the result of abuse or poor breeding.

2) Pitbulls were one of the most popular breeds and very well might be again, if I see ten dogs a day six are Pitbulls.

3) They are the most abused dogs in our country just with dog fighting alone then you add irresponsible or abusive owners im surprised there aren't ten times the amount of attacks.

4) Pitbulls have scored better than 121 other breeds in temperament tests only out scored by the Golden retriever visit the National Canine Research Council     

5) Less than one tenth of one percent of Pitbulls attack anyone or show human aggression. there's an estimated 3.5 million Pitbulls in the U.S that means there's really five million but even with 3.5 million that means  35000 Pitbulls would have to attack to equal one percent of there population .

6) The media are blood suckers who feed off tragedy's and will do whatever it takes to boost ratings,lets face it what brings more viewers Collie attacks or Pitbull attacks.

7) Rampant cross breeding with large people aggressive breeds to achieve a certain look or color. That's how they went from 25 -60 lbs for over a hundred years to 55-135 lbs over the last 15 or 20 years.

8) Over breeding they are the most bred dog but the hardest to place in homes that's why our shelters are 40 to 60 percent Pitbulls.

Before you start pointing fingers do some research and get your facts straight.

                                                 One more thing Pitbulls & genetics, 

 Are genetics a predetermining factor in a dog being human aggressive or not is widely debated but the truth is they were never bred to be people aggressive they were bred for animal aggression and one has nothing to do with the other.

look at the Vick dogs all except four are living as family pets,therapy dogs and living with other dogs and they were some of the most aggressive dog fighters who were faced with unspeakable abuse. And in case you think they were special cases here's another example of their ability to forgive The biggest dog fighting bust in U.S history these dogs have a bunch of scar's ,missing ears legs one has no lips but notice all of them are wagging their tails & all of these dogs as abused as they are have no aggression towards total strangers as they walk up and pick them up

 If they are so dangerous why are almost all of the Pitbull rescues run by women ?   
There's even one run by little people. Stop feeding into the frenzy and spreading the negativity open your eyes and start putting  your energy into trying to help this loyal misunderstood breed .