Boston Pitbull is a Hero

          Lilly a 3 1/2 year old Rescued Pitbull saves womans life

 Christine Spain, the mother of Boston police officer David Lanteigne, fell unconscious on train tracks in Shirley, MA. The engineer of a westward-bound freight train witnessed Lilly, a pit bull, frantically trying to pull the woman off the tracks as the train quickly approached.

Emergency responders arrived to the scene to find Lilly calmly standing guard over Christine. Lilly’s human companion was not injured, but the 8-year-old dog was not as fortunate. A Shirley animal control officer immediately drove Lilly to an emergency animal hospital where officer Lanteigne recovered her and rushed to Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston.
Lilly suffered severe trauma, fracturing her pelvis in multiple locations, facing internal injuries and having her front right leg later removed due to a serious injury from the train’s wheel.

Lilly the pit bull was rescued by Lanteigne 3 years ago as a companion for his mother who suffers from alcoholism. “We saved her life, and she saved my mom’s life.”
Pitbulls are  stereotyped as viscous Lilly stands as a testament to the loyalty, bravery and unconditional love of these amazing dogs. “Lilly’s story has moved us all beyond measure. I hope her actions will underscore the truth about Pit Bulls—that they are amazing animals and are as devoted to their family as any other dog and can I add just one more thing if Lilly had been wearing a Muzzle because of Breed Specific Laws a woman would of lost her life and this would be a much different story.    You can visit lillys facebook page also check out her video below.


             Another Pitbull willing to give his life for his owner

Taking a bullet

Roberta Trawick was sitting on her couch in her Oklahoma City home when an armed intruder busted through her front door and told her to get on the ground. Her 2-year-old pit bull, D-Boy, then came charging into the room after the intruder, who fired multiple times, hitting D-Boy three times — including two shots to the head — but the dog continued to run after him. The intruder, apparently spooked, fled.
“That dog saved my life and my family,’ said Trawick. “Without D-Boy, that guy could have shot me and my family.” The Trawicks had rescued the pit bull from an abusive home just three months before the break-in.
Its seems strange that a Pitbull can save lives in the same state you
live in but it gets hardley any air time but if one bites someone 2000
miles away it is breaking news all over the country
You can find hundreds of stories about Pitbulls who have saved lives become therapy dogs work with search and rescue and also
law inforcement at Life With Dogs .