The most feared dog is now one loved by most

The town of Winthrop Ma like many across the Country for many years had a restriction on Pitbulls that stoped you from owning one in that town. MassPaws a rescue group from the area has been working to have that reversed along with dog people from Winthrop.  I got to
meet the Winthrop dog officer through Oceanview Kennels a local shelter where I donate time they are the pound for the surrounding city's . Well there's a woman from Oceanview who people call the doglady and she is a Pitbull advocate who had been working with Mark for a while and had his attention on the matter and we had quite a few good conversations about the dogs their breed and the impact of the owner on the dogs. One day he shows up with a 75 pound Black Pit mix ( DUKE pictured left ) he had found this dog on a beach and took him to that citys pound thinking someone was looking for him but it was so late that night he couldn't do it till the morning he has a Pug and another dog cant remember what kind but he was nervous about bringing the dog in the house but didnt want to leave the dog outside so he leashed him and walked him in well there was no blood thirsty flesh ripping attack there was just a dog that wanted to be patted & play fetch just like his dogs.  Well the dog made such an impact on him he kept calling and checking if anyone had come to claim him
 because if nobody comes looking for them within ten days they euthanize them. Well ten days passed and nobody claimed him but Mark went down paid for his shots and his release called us up to
see if we could find him a home and of course we said yes and soon after the ban was lifted. Now we have been doing dog days in Winthrop to promote responsible ownership and to show pitbulls are just dogs that want to be treated like any other dog. We have been welcomed  there by people of all ages and have been interviewed by the local cabel network and all who we have encountered have given us high praise.

We had two celebrity dogs in attendance this week Lilly the Pitbull who lost her leg saving her owner from being struck by a train and there was Bruin who I took there was accused of attacking someone and shot in the face by police even though he showed no aggression when police arrived  and then come to find out the boy who said he was attacked by Bruin had lied , he was trying to break in the house where the dog lived saw the dog and ran leaving the back door open which allowed Bruin to get out of the house and that's when the police pulled up to find him sitting on his own front porch and decided that shooting him was the proper response. This dog is a about a hundred pounds but is as gentle of a dog as any that I have met in my life even after being shot in the face he still is happy to meet everyone he comes across a great example of a Pitbull Terrier here are some photos of a the walk it was a good time with guess what no incidents because thats what happens with responsible owners.

   Little Tan and white guy is Luke he is up for adoption he is being fostered by two girls who have a chawawa a Golden lab and a cat and he is great with all of them 100 % house trained and happy to meet everyone we have come across he is a perfect dog to use as a therapy dog he is one of my favorites

                 Me and Coal I fostered her for a couple months she was almost my third dog
                 but she got a great home they love her so much they want another one.

                                                        here are the rest of the pics

                               The one sticking out her tounge was born deaf but she is very
                       smart and has learned to understand sign language she loves our dog days.
                                     We are at the local cabel station being interviewed.                                  

                           All breeds are welcome to come and have had many other dogs come
                                           out and enjoy the attention that we attract.
                                Although his name is Bruin he supports all Boston teams.

                                     Hard to keep up with only three legs so she took a break
                                    where and when ever she wanted and thats just fine by us.