Pitbulls or Owners who do you blame

         I love this picture and I want to dedicate it to Craven and her sociopath followers !


You guys just never give up ! You try to convince people that your some type of authority on Pitbulls & animal behavior but anyone who actually works with animals knows all you do is spread hate & false information on these pages in order to justify your witch hunt. It is truly astonishing how many otherwise progressive people consider their prejudice against pit bulls to be perfectly reasonable, when the data shows it isn't. Pit bulls are subjected to unimaginabl cruelty & neglect where they are subjected to every kind of violence and then, at the end of it,euthanized in shelters at shockingly high rates, then thanks to main stream media and people like you who promote lies and fear allot of landlords won't rent to the families who own Pitbulls & then there's BSL what a joke , worthless restrictions that do nothing to improve public safety.

The newest comprehensive examination of dog bite statistics, put out in December by the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, looked at what factors tended to lead to fatal dog bites. These include a dog not being spayed or neutered, dogs being "kept isolated from regular positive human interactions," away from the rest of the family, and dog owners having histories of abusing their pets notice it says nothing about being BORN KILLERS or the problem being that they are GRIPPERS or the fact that they are owned by NUTTERS. Maybe you haven't been reading the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association.  Or maybe you have been reading the near-constant stream of scary newspaper stories ginning up your fear.
A recent article in Time magazine called "The Problem With Pit Bulls" is among the worst of them. Charlotte Alter, the author of the Time piece, goes so far as to say that pit bull attacks are on the rise because of Hurricane Katrina, which is both a silly claim and a preposterous one: there's no evidence that pit bull attacks are on the rise at all. The problem is not the pit bulls, nor is it specific to any one breed. The problem is that there is little consequence for being an irresponsible dog owner. People like you who are providing questionable statistics and sources just exacerbates the problem. Because if we were to believe your twisted facts and stories it would mean that the pictures of all the fighting dogs on this page cut off their own ears called their manager to set up a fight went and got a personal trainer to get in shape and then threw themselves in the ring and decided they would fight to the death! Sounds kind of ridiculous right ? Well that's what reading your pages sound like to people who actually have knowledge and experience with Pitbulls.

  Might want consider a new hobby like going to the park and feeding the pigeons or something

 Everything that's violent or blood thirsty in their past was all done in service to man.

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August 17, 2014 at 5:09 AM